These rules are preliminary
We are still in process of finalizing rules.
There are more classes not listed
If you ran in 2021 you will have a class to run in this year as well.


Rules are listed below

All competitors MUST wear an approved fire retardant driving suit and approved racing gloves.

Cars must run at a minimum a four (4) point cage with three (3) door bars on drivers side and two (2) door bars on passenger side

All cars must have an approved racing seat and racing belts, along with a window net.

Outlaw A Modified Rules

You can run UMP rules, IMCA rules, USMTS rules
Exception to those rules:
No spoiler allowed on UMP and USMTS cars
All cars must run IMCA stamped Hoosier G-60 or American Racer KK704 tires on the rear and any front tires allowed. Grooving is allowed!
Cars must weigh 2450 lbs

Outlaw B-mod rules

You can run UMP pro modified rules, or USRA B modified rules, Tri-City rules
3 link rear suspension only and 360 cubic inch limit on open motors. 4 link cars can run as A-mod under A-Mod rules

You can run any tire listed
Hoosier M-30s, M60s, G60s or American Racer kk704

Factory Stocks and Leaf Spring Rules

1. Roll cages are required and must be at minimum 4 point with 3 door bars. Any roll cage that does not appear to be well made and installed will not be allowed to run.
2. Fuel cells, mounted inside cans, are MANDATORY. Fuel cells must be in stock location, and can’t be mounted above the rear end housing. 32 Gallon maximum. Fuel cells must be securely installed. Pump or racing gas only. E-85 is OK. No electric fuel pumps. NO nitrous oxide or other enhancing chemicals allowed. FUEL CELLS MUST HAVE ROLLOVER CHECK VALVE.
4. Any year model American made car. No front wheel drives allowed.
5. Wheelbase must be production stock. 1” tolerance. No subcompact cars. Rack and pinion cars must have factory stock parts only. If chassis is altered or steering parts are not stock or stock replacement and in stock location – it’s not legal. All unibody cars must be tied together. Crossmember may be notched for fuel pump. Rear of frame behind upper shock mounts may be replaced with round, square or rectangular tubing. Cannot narrow right rear frame for tire clearance
6. BODY: Bodies must have a factory production appearance and may be made of sheet metal or aluminum. Any body style is acceptable as long as it is GM to GM, Ford to Ford, Dodge to Dodge. Body must match frame. Example: Leaf Camaro to leaf Camaro. Hoods and trunk lids must be pinned down. Front & rear inner fender wells may be removed. Trunk area may not be cut no further than pinion of rear end. Must have stock type floor pad rocker panel to rocker panel-third member pinion to front firewall. Must have stock firewall moved no further back than two (2) inches from stock location. Holes in firewall must be covered. Plastic nose piece and tailpiece allowed, recommended to match body. No late model noses allowed. Plastic may be used to conform the front fender to the nose. Must CONFORM to body lines. Must be in full contact with the fender. Ground effects OK. All glass must be removed, all window openings in body must remain open. A maximum 7 inch metal sun visor allowed across top of windshield opening. All doors must be securely fastened. No raised quarter panels. Fenders and quarter panels may be trimmed for tire clearance. Rear of body may be open 8 inches maximum on each side. Deck height not to exceed 40 inches. Spoiler must not exceed 6 inches in height and only 2 end braces are allowed not to exceed 12 inches in length. Spoiler may not be wider than trunk lid.
7. Bumpers may be square or round tubing, minimum size 1 1⁄2” round tubing on rear bumper. Bumper must not protrude past the car’s body. Must have tow loops front and rear. Bumper mounts must be steel. Front and Rear tubular bumpers allowed. Must be covered by plastic nose and bent to fit with rounded ends. NO sharp edges on bumper or bolts.
8. All weights must be painted white with the car number on it and securely fastened with 2 1⁄2” bolts to eliminate injury and hazardous conditions. Failure to have the car’s number on a weight or failure to have it securely fastened are grounds for disqualifications or position penalty at the discretion of the Tech official.
9. Enclosed interiors must have inspection panel. All glass, chrome and trim must be removed, including headlights and taillights. No rear view mirrors allowed. Factory gauges may be removed. May replace factory dash with aluminum. All flammable material must be removed. Wiring harness may be removed and replaced. Three 1⁄2” bars in front of the driver’s window are mandatory. Bars may be added to protect gas tank and radiator areas.
10.Car Number must be clearly marked. If the scorers can’t read it, you will not be scored.
11.Racing seat is MANDATORY. NO part of the driver seat may be no further back than 25 inches forward of the center line of the rear end housing. A 5 point harness with crotch belt is mandatory. Helmet must have a snell rating of 2010 or newer. A neck brace or a head/neck restraint (Hans or hybrid), fire suit and fire-resistant gloves and shoes are required. Must have a fire extinguisher mounted within the reach of the driver. THESE ARE MANDATORY, NO COURTESY NIGHTS.
13. Quick release steering wheel and 3⁄4” round steering shaft MANDATORY. Quick steer allowed. NO stock columns.
14. Aftermarket clutch and brake pedals allowed.
15. Weight – 3200 lbs. After race with driver. Top 3 cars weigh after heat and A feature races, “B” feature transfer cars must weigh also.
16. MUST HAVE 180 DEGREE EXPLOSION PROOF STEEL BELL HOUSING. (Inspection hole required if 360 degree)
17. ENGINE: Must be stock production. NO aftermarket blocks allowed. 90 or newer blocks are allowed. NO 400 blocks. GM to GM, Ford to Ford, Dodge to Dodge. NO bowtie or aluminum blocks. Stock GM 3.48 stroke, 2.10 rod journal size on gm crankshafts. OEM replacement crank (stock 3.48 stroke and weight, 49lb. Min, OEM replacement only) allowed. Crankshafts may be turned .010,.020 or .030. STOCK or STOCK replacement; thru- bolt OR cap screw – 5.7 (length) I BEAM rods only, PMF rods allowed. NO H beam rods. No polished rods. Must have a 1” plug in the oil pan on the driver’s side behind the motor mount for tech inspection. Casting numbers must be readable by tech official. Maximum cubic inch displacement to include clearance and wear is 360 for GM, 363 for Ford and 370 for Moparl. FLAP TOP or DISHED PISTONS ONLY. 602 Crates are allowed.
18. Engine setback: #1 plug allowed to be even or forward for upper ball joint.
19. INTAKE: Unaltered OEM cast iron or aluminum intake (Markine included) or unaltered aftermarket dual plane aluminum intake manufactured by: Weiand, Edelbrock, Holley or Professional Products AND approved by track officials. NO porting or gasket matching of the intake or heads. NO acid dipping. Intake can NOT be worked/reworked under carburetor area. NO AIR GAP, brzezinski, Torque Link or cross ram types. Plenum divider must be even/flush across the top. Intakes are subject to Tech Officials decision.
20. EXHAUST: Manifolds or Headers allowed. NO Tri-Y.
22. IGNITION: OE Factory distributors ONLY. (GM = HEI), No MSD distributors, No remote coils on GM distributors. Battery may be relocated and must be securely mounted in a battery box/trey w/hold down. Battery must be in marine type case if mounted in driver compartment. Recall tach’s allowed. No onboard electronic devices capable of storing information of any kind allowed. No electronic amplifying devices allowed.
23. CAMS: Hydraulic camshafts & lifters only – Max. 480 lift at the VALVE. Stamped steel style rocker arms only. (GM 1.5 ratio) NO roller rockers, NO roller tip rockers. NO flat tappet cams, NO mushroom cams. NO roller hydraulic cams. NO hydraulic roller lifters. If you have a doubt check with tech – before competing. Zero valve lash is required.
24. HEADS: STOCK cast OEM or aftermarket OEM replacement, Vortec OK. Maximum Valve size allowed is INT 2.02 & EXT. 1.60. NO titanium valves allowed. Maximum 1.25” diameter valve springs ONLY (+-.015 tolerance). Guide plates allowed. Screw in studs allowed. Poly locks allowed. NO stud girdles. NO beehive valve springs allowed. NO aluminum heads. NO GM angle plug heads. NO BOW-TIE performance heads. NO angle milling the block or heads, NO Brzezinski products. NO porting, NO polishing, NO acid dipping, or anything similar is NOT allowed. Ford and Mopar are allowed GT40 and W-2 heads. Casting number must be readable by tech official.
25. TRANSMISSION: Factory stock automatics or standard transmissions must have ALL working gears. A 10 1⁄2” minimum steel/organic single OEM style disc-type 360 degree full clutch with a steel pressure plate and an unaltered STEEL flywheel are allowed 16 lbs. minimum flywheel weight. Aftermarket clutch pedal allowed. Stock type, 10” or larger, converter allowed. WORKING factory type torque converters required on all automatics and must contain no less than 3 quarts of fluid. Drivers must be able to put the car in gear from park / neutral and move forward and reverse at any time requested. Must have driveshaft loop 6 inches back from u-joint. Shaft & loop must be painted white. NO DUMMY converters. NO lighten transmissions. NO direct drive transmissions.
26. TIRES & WHEELS: Asphalt pull off tires or IMCA Hoosier G-60, Hoosier H500 or Hoosier M60 tires allowed. NO recaps or dirt late model tires. Steel racing wheels only. Maximum width is 10”. 5⁄8” wheel studs and 1” lug nuts MANDATORY. Bead-lock allowed on Right Rear ONLY. NO plastic or aluminum wheels. NO bleeder valves. Tires must durometer at 50, at any time.
27. SPRINGS: Racing springs allowed on front and rear. Adjustable/Cheater weight jacks allowed on the front only. Rear springs must use stock upper spring pads in stock location. NO weight jacks or adjustable/cheaters on the rear. NO spring sliders.
28. SHOCKS: Unaltered non-adjustable rebuildable, steel racing shocks allowed. Only 1 shock per wheel.  NO external or internal bumpers/stops allowed. NO bulb-type, threaded body, coil-over, air, or any remote reservoir shocks. NO Gas port, Schrader valve or bladder type valves. NO coil-over eliminators. NO aluminum shocks. NO spring assisted shocks unless it came factory on that vehicle.
29. FRONT SUSPENSION: All components and mounts must be steel, unaltered, OEM or STOCK OEM REPLACEMENT, in STOCK OEM location and match frame.
30. REAR SUSPENSIONS: All components and mounts must be steel, unaltered, OEM and/or an unaltered OEM exact specification replacement part in OEM location and match frame. OEM rubber control arm bushings or polyurethane bushings allowed. No independent rear suspensions. May use spring spacers but must be non adjustable. NO gold tracs of any form of traction devices allowed. Cars will be checked in tech.
31. BRAKES: 3 or 4-wheel brakes allowed. NO traction control.
32. REAR END: 9” Ford rear end allowed, but must be mounted as an OEM rear end (centered) for that make and model. Grand National rear ends allowed. NO gun drilled axles. Torque dividing mini spools or differentials are NOT allowed. No Fold Tracks allowed. GM rear ends MUST have axle retention. All rear ends must be locked.

Mini pro Cruisers

1. Any car or truck with a single or dual 4-cylinder engine, Must be stock engine and transmission No Turbo’s. No Rear or Mid-Engine Vehicles.
2. All glass, mirrors, body molding and trim must be removed. All insulation must be removed. Steering and pedals must remain stock. Dash may be modified for roll cage clearance.
3. A box type 4-point roll cage Doors on both sides must have three (3) bars
4. Doors must be welded or chained shut. Windshield must be replaced with heavy duty gauge wire mesh or have (3) bars of 3/8 inch diameter welded to the roll cage in front of the
5. Interior MUST remain open except rear speaker deck
6. Strut towers, hubs and wheel centers may be reinforced. Larger wheel studs are recommended.
7. Battery must be securely fastened down. If in cockpit it must be completely enclosed. Must run a battery master disconnect switch within reach of the driver. Third brake light
8. Racing seat mandatory. A quick release five (5) point racing type seat belt is required, Seat and seat belts must mount to frame or roll cage and meet safety man’s approval. We
recommend that the seat belt and shoulder harness be replaced every two (2) years.
9. All cars MUST be equipped with a driver’s side window net.
10. All competitors MUST wear an approved racing helmet. Full face and Current Snell rated recommended.
11. All competitors MUST wear an approved fire retardant driving suit. And approved racing gloves
12. Cars must have a number minimum 18 inches tall, in contrasting colors on both doors and on the roof facing the driver’s side. Driver’s name MUST appear on both sides of the roof or on
the bottom the doors.

Super Cruisers

We are trying to keep racing affordable
Any 6- or 8-cylinder passenger car or truck
No turbo or supercharged cars.
All cars’ engines, drivetrains, and suspension must remain 100% completely stock.
Any dot approved street tire, asphalt take offs, IMCA stamped G-60s, Hooser H500, Hoosier M60 or American Racer kk 704 8 or 10 inch wheels allowed.
A box type 4-point roll cage is required. Driver’s door must have three (3) bars and passenger’s side must have a minimum of two (2) bars.
Passengers allowed but must have the same safety equipment as the driver and car must be approved by tech for a passenger.
This class is to keep it fun and cheap
Previous weeks winner can stat the following week not better than 4th place, if he wins from that position, he will start tail back the next time. This class to for drivers to have a cheap option to go out and have fun. Keep it cheap and keep it fun!


IMCA Modlite stars series rules


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