Poplar Bluff Motorsports Park sold; new ownership ready for 2022 racing season!

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Poplar Bluff Motorsports Park sold; new ownership ready for 2022 racing season!

Poplar Bluff, Missouri— 1/17/2022 — James Larue, Sharon Larue, and Shon Stuart, have entered into an agreement for Poplar Bluff Motorsports Park, LLC to purchase the Poplar Bluff Motorsports Park. Poplar Bluff Motor Sports Park, LLC will take over operations of the track on January 22, 2022.

Current track promoter, Shon Stuart, said, “He is happy to see that the track will be operated by people who will carry on the legacy we have established. The track will have a full- time promoter, and he will give the track the attention it deserves.” He also added that, “The new owners are a perfect fit. I wanted to make sure whoever bought this track were people who understood and have the same love for racing as we all do.”

Shon will still be a familiar face around the track. He will be working side by side with the new promoter, to ensure a smooth transition, and you may catch him behind the wheel now that he will have more time to do what he loves.

Jeremy Roth, the tracks new promoter, said, “I am excited to be a partner with Poplar Bluff Motorsports Park LLC, to bring a weekly schedule to the racetrack. We will be racing every Saturday night during the race season. We are also going to have quite a few special events. We are expanding the classes, and will be running A-mods, B-mods, Factory Stocks & Leaf Spring cars, Mini pro cruisers, Super cruisers, POWRI Super Stocks, and Modlites.” Roth also added, “Shon has always run a smooth show, and we are not reinventing the wheel. We are just greasing it. The classes may be combined, or have different names, but if you ran here last year, you will have a class to run in this year.”